Mask Trade Company ltd, China

PPE products: Face masks, hand sanitizers, protective gowns, nitrile gloves, syringes, infrared thermometers, antigen test kits, and others.

Electricity vihcles: ebikes, ecars, evans, evans, eships, eplanes,esubmarines and others.

CVD & HPTH Factory-grown Diamonds and diamond foundries. 


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Mask Trade company ltd, is owned and registered by Martin Hongzhi SHEN can supply the Spanish government with the best qualities requested on the condition that Spain and China remain in good diplomatic relations and have no diplomatic dispute like that between China and Lithuania. We can provide standard quality products like, face masks, hand sanitizers, protective gowns, nitrile gloves, syringes, infrared thermometers, antigen test kits, and other PPE products which all can meet both the EU and Chinese standards. Presently, China has established a very strict control of ALL THE PPE products which won’t be able to be exported to Spain unless they meet the Chinese export standards. If any Chinese exporters violate these regulations, they will be fined and be sent to prison.